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Welcome to Pridal Services


Owned by family. Kept alive by you.

Pridal Services is proudly family owned and operated, delivering world-class painting services throughout Adelaide and beyond. Since 2008, we’ve been taking South Australia by storm. We have the best painters. The best service. The best supplies. You like the best in life, right? Right!


Accredited. Trustworthy. Fun.

We adore Dulux & Solver – offering the highest standards in painting products. We’ve got a wide range of paints for your needs. Residential. Commercial. Environmentally friendly. Low in chemicals and odours. It’s just the way it should be, right? P.S. Everything that we do is with a smile on our faces.

Why? Because we do what we love, we love what we do, and we do it well.



Services that we offer


Painting & Decorating galore

If it’s to do with painting and decorating, it’s to do with us. We do residential. Commercial. Interior. Exterior. Insurance painting. Strata painting. Heritage works. We could go on, but we’d be here all day. Our point is this: No matter the need, it’s not just our job to make it happen. It’s our duty. Our vision is to remove the stress from the equation, so you can focus on what matters: Loving your space.

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Here for you – always

Note: Not all paint is equal. Cheap brushes, for example, have loose bristles that get stuck in the paint. Do you want a streaky wall? Do you want your paint to start peeling off in one year? Probably not. We use premium paint to ensure it bonds to its substrate and lasts as long as you want it to. We won’t dig too deep into the science of it. Merely rest assured that, when you choose Pridal Services, you choose a team of industry veterans. You choose experience, expertise, and passion. You choose to give your property the royal treatment. You choose lasting results that you can be proud of.