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Choose Pridal Services when you need painters in Adelaide Hills.

Our painters in Adelaide Hills can modernise your home’s style and bring your design ideas to life, potentially increasing your property’s value in the process. Find out why we’re the right decorating company for you by reading below. We’ll also detail some common mistakes people make when repainting their house DIY-style so that you can realise why our services are a worthwhile investment.

What You Can Expect from Pridal Services Regarding House Painters in Adelaide Hills

You might think that repainting your walls without professional assistance can help you save money. However, you may change your mind when you find out why we’re such a notable company in the area:

• Employed professionals rather than subcontractors: At Pridal Services, we consider ourselves a high-end, reliable team of painters, which is why we rarely hire subcontractors with whom we’re unfamiliar. All our tradespeople are highly skilled and hold working at heights and EWP Cards. They also have first aid training and DCSI screening certificates.

• Flawless results: We know you expect perfection when choosing professional painters instead of repainting your walls without help, which is why we cover our work with extended warranties. However, as a company with over a decade of experience in all aspects of painting and decorating for domestic and commercial clients, you can trust us for an excellent finish.

• An efficient, reliable and guaranteed service: Even though we never cut corners, we take the time to accomplish a thorough job. You’ll be glad to know that we are a Dulux accredited painting company and certified by Solver paints, two of the biggest brands in the paint manufacturing industry.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Residential Painters in Adelaide Hills

You don’t have to worry about any issues arising if you hire the professionals at Pridal Services. However, if you plan on repainting your walls without help, avoid making these mistakes:

• Neglecting to repair walls before repainting: You might think you can save time by painting your walls without filling small holes and cracks, but they may render your efforts useless. It’s also crucial to locate and eliminate the source of water damage to make sure your new coat of paint sticks.

• Forgetting to clean their home: Again, people often neglect to wash their walls when trying to shave hours off the time it takes to repaint them, but that’s a common mistake. Crayon marks, grease and dirt, can cause an uneven coat and bubbling. You should use a solution such as trisodium phosphate to prepare your home for a fresh lick of paint.

• Saving time by skipping the primer process: If you don’t use a primer, you can feel confident your new paint job won’t last as long as it could. Primer makes your new paint job more durable as well as helps paint adhere to your walls correctly. The only instance in which you can avoid using a primer is if you’re repainting your walls the same colour and they’re in pristine condition.

About Pridal Services

Since 2008, we’ve provided comprehensive painting and decorating services to residents in North Adelaide. Because we can improve your home’s appearance while bringing it into the 21st century guaranteeing flawless results, our services are high-value. Contact us to find out how we can help you or obtain a quote.







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