Commercial Painters Adelaide

Hire Commercial Painters in Adelaide Who Use Only Quality Products

Commercial painters in Adelaide who use the highest quality products assures you of a job well done that will last for years. Pridal Services is ready to bring new life to your business with fresh colour and quality service. Instead of using cheap paint brushes that leave bristles in the paint we use high quality brushes and rollers, so your walls are smooth and streak free.

What Sets Pridal Services Apart Regarding Commercial Painting Contractors in Adelaide

Our name stands for Pride In All, meaning we take pride in our workmanship and customer service.

• We are a family owned and operated business providing interior and exterior painting in Adelaide since 2008. We breathe new life into your office, shop, pub, school or retirement centre with fresh colour.

• Our employees are not subcontractors and have DCSI screening certificates, EWP cards, working at heights certifications, police certificates, and are trained in first aid.

• We use only premium materials that last for years without peeling and streaks. We choose paints with low VOCs to maintain healthy air quality in your workspace.

We bring quality products and services to your business no matter the size. Our commitment to quality means you receive the best service available.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Commercial Painters in Adelaide

Hiring a crew of painters to freshen up your office space requires some diligence to ensure the job is done right the first time.

• Always use a licensed and insured contractor. A contractor who has the proper licenses shows they are serious about their business and want to instil confidence in you. By carrying their own insurance, you and your company cannot be held liable in case of accidents to the painting crew.

• Don’t pay everything up front. Paying a deposit at the beginning of the job is acceptable to help the painter offset the costs of materials but hold off on final payment until you are 100% satisfied with the project.

• Hiring a new company or a painting company that has only one person to do the work leaves you open to mistakes and delays.

By doing the appropriate research before hiring a commercial painting contractor, you are assured that the job will be done right within the specified period and on budget.

Why Pridal Services is Cost Effective

Getting a quote from another contractor that is lower doesn’t mean they use the same quality products that we do. Chances are they use lower quality products or have less experience which could leave you with a terrible paint job that you will have to have redone at additional expense. By choosing us first, you are guaranteed to receive a quality job along with friendly service that will leave you satisfied and ready to move on to your next project.

Contact us for a free, no-obligation quote to revive your business with a new colour that is noticed for the quality workmanship and not mistakes. We aren’t happy with the job until you are, so you know you’ll receive the best service available.