Why Painting a House can Increase Sales Potential

  July 6, 2016

You have finally made the decision to put your home on the market. It’s such a huge decision, and one that you haven’t made lightly.

No doubt you are now working through the process of figuring out how to declutter your home, what rooms need some redecorating and what needs to be repainted.

If you have children, you might have experienced the mysterious 8-foot high dirty hand print on the wall. How does that happen when the children are 3 feet high? Don’t you love the energy they have – they just bounce off the walls, leaving a smear of the hand after them. Great fun for white walls! So, when you take a look in your children’s bedrooms, you might appreciate the walls are a little off colour.

When you’re looking to sell, you want to be able to boost your listing price as much as possible. While this might seem like a complicated task, you might be surprised to know that by repainting your home, you can maximise your home’s sale potential.


How can you maximise your home’s sale potential?

Achieving the best price at the time of sale is the goal. So, here are some tips from our team of Adelaide painting experts to help you through the process of painting your house before you put it on the market.

1. Choose neutral colours – it will appeal to more people.

2. Painting the inside of your house will make a lasting first impression.

3. Avoid bold coloured feature walls – some people don’t have the vision to look past a bright red wall.

4. Choose your Adelaide Painter wisely. Don’t just shop on price, having a painter who will clean up after themselves and use the good quality paint is a must.


By doing these 4 things, you can significantly increase your listing price, as well as entice more people to buy. It really is amazing what a few coats of paint can do for you home.

If you would like to learn more about the role repainting plays in readying your home for sale, please contact our team of Adelaide painters today, we’d be happy to help.