How much disruption can I expect while painters are working?

Should I Stay or Go During Painting Works?

Jamie and the Pridal Team are always happy to work around your home or office space. In our experience, however, it is sometimes more comfortable/practical for a family to vacate a house while work is being undertaken.

We’ve had customers in the past take the opportunity to go away for a few days with the family for a mini holiday while we ‘move in’ and complete the job. This may not always be practical, so here are a couple of things to consider before we start work.


How much disruption will my professional painting job cause?

Jamie and his Pridal team are sensitive to you and your needs throughout this process. Whether it’s the daily running of your household, or an office for your business we will always try to cut the amount of disruption created. Sometimes moving furniture, covering property and opening a house up for ventilation can cause disruption. When talking with your painting professional, be sure to flag your concerns and have them talk you through their painting plan for your property. This will help you understand whether you should stay or go during painting works.

How much of your home/office will be affected?

As a general rule, we have found that if over half of your home/office is being painted- it might worth considering to move.  Also, if an area like a kitchen or bathroom is being painted – this can have reap major havoc on daily life. Jamie and his experienced team will also endeavour to work quickly and efficiently in these area’s to have them back in working condition as soon as possible.

Do you have pets or small children?

Both pets and children can be sensitive to painting fumes and equipment. If moving out isn’t an option, our eco-friendly paints as a low fume option is available.  Also, keep in mind noise when it comes to painters and young children. If nap time falls within the middle of the day, it may not be possible for work to pause. Chat to Jamie, your friendly Adelaide professional painter, to see how to make the process as seamless as possible.

Jamie and his team are open to accommodating your needs throughout the painting service. Speak to the team today and see how they can help with you Adelaide based painting job.

Does it fit into the budget?

We understand finding a new home for the family may not be an option for some people. Keep in mind any extra costs of moving the family or office out, and be sure not to ever extend yourself. Talk with Jamie to make a plan that works for everyone.

At Pridal Services, we are Adelaide-based professional painters. We offer high quality painting services for
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We pride ourselves on attention to detail, and will deliver a superior service at a competitive price. Speak to us today for a fast and free quote.

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