What You Need To Know Before Diving In and Painting Your Home

  November 23, 2016

Picking your house colour

If an ice cream were your home, then ice cream covered with chocolate syrup would be your home painted perfectly. With that said, read this post and consider the following options, before painting your home. However, if you’ve already finished painting and it didn’t work out the way you planned, here are a few of the reasons why.  Have you always thought that the colour blue will make your bathroom peaceful and red will increase your appetite in a kitchen? If so, it’s time to break those myths, so read on!

  1. Use a primer

Just like makeup, applying primer before you paint will make sure that the paint adheres to the wall better, giving it a perfect, smooth finish. A lot of people think it’s a waste of time and money, but in reality – skip the priming step and you’ve just lost an opportunity to make your paint last longer.

  1. Move your furniture out of the room

If you’re an amateur and want to have a go at painting your house yourself, you might want to move your furniture out. Better yet – cut the hassle and hire professionals. They will make sure not even a millimetre of your furniture is damaged, without moving anything.

  1. Use the same colour for every room

Un-friend the person who said this to you. Try paints with varying shades of the same colour from room to room. This will not only change the flow of the house, but also give a modern touch to it.

  1. White makes the room look boring

It is one of the most versatile colours and there are a range of whites to choose , for example,  beige, cream and off white, to name a few.   Creating contrast with different white tones, textures and other elements in the room is anything but boring!

  1. Apply multiple coats

Stop wasting paint straight away! Depending on the quality and the colour of the paint, the most you will need to apply is two coats for a perfect result.   So assess the room after the first coat, consult an expert if needed and make a decision about the quality before moving on to round two.

  1. Wait for the kids to grow up

Not anymore! Paints now have added Microlinx technology that prevents them from fading, even after multiple washes. It offers a beautiful matte finish, displaying a softer look.

  1. Paint the ceiling

Many people think that ceilings should never be painted. Uh-oh! Another myth busted! There are great designs on the market waiting to be explored. Create interesting patterns and watch as people’s eyes are drawn up to your hard work.