Map Out Your Interior Painting Plan

  March 17, 2017

There is a lot of fun and fulfillment but also frustrations gained from giving your home a facelift. If you are brave enough to undertake a little bit of DIY interior decorating, you will no doubt run into a few stumbling blocks along the way. Painting rooms is a part of interior decorating that many people make mistakes on, leading to some serious headaches. Creating a space that can define your tastes may all be worth it in the end, but things might get messy along the way.

Thankfully, this post is here to offer up some help to make things a little easier for you. One of the easiest and most effective ways of keeping things right during interior painting is to map out your painting plan. So we have gone to the trouble of helping you prioritise your rooms, in a handy little list below.

Bedroom – Tackle the bedrooms first, one by one. This will let you bring a little bit of order to the project as you can move out clutter, one room at a time, before you start painting. Once you have completed painting the first room, you can carefully bring all of the things back into the room, open a window to let things air out and close the door.

Bathroom – Painting the bathroom can be a bit of a problem because it is a room that sees a lot of traffic. You should try to get this done after the bedroom but before the rest so that it is out of the way. Thankfully, there will be fewer things that require removal so you can get to painting it a little faster.

Living Room – The living room is usually the largest room in the home, so it will take you the longest time to paint. Make sure you have moved everything out of the room, and similar to the bedroom, once you have finished painting you can bring it all back in. Remember to open up any windows to let the smell of fresh paint air out.

Laundry Room – This room can wait until last, because it is usually the smallest and will dry the fastest. It is also a smart move to leave these rooms last so that your clothes won’t smell like paint for days to come. The clothes that you wear while painting should stay dirty until you have completed your project, so remember to give them a wash before you begin.