Home Improvement: How do I Paint a Concrete Wall?

  July 6, 2016

A concrete wall is like an empty canvas. You have the opportunity to transform it into a beautiful work of art. When people think of concrete walls, typically images of plain, grey and drab. Adding colour to the equation, the wall instantly pops, changing the feel of a room.

Painting your walls can freshen up the look and add a bit of interest to your home. A coloured concrete wall will make your house more inviting.

It not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home but also increases the value of your property.

Here at Pridal Services, our expert house painters in Adelaide excel in what they do. Every home we paint is treated with utmost care and the same level of professionalism that we would expect if it were our own.

We aim to help homeowners create beautiful dwellings they can be proud of.

In line with that commitment, we give you these useful home improvement tips about your painted concrete wall. Read on and learn how to keep them in excellent shape.


Keeping painted concrete walls clean is simple as long as no stubborn dirt or grime has clung to the surface.

Simple practices such as sweeping off dust, leaves or grass, and removing stains from surfaces should be done regularly. You can use water, non-metallic scrub or brush and a dishwashing liquid to keep it clean. Avoid using solvent or chlorine-based cleaners as these may cause the colours to fade.

If this doesn’t work, a professional cleaner (or professional house painter like Pridal Services) may be needed.


Before applying a sealer, clean the surface and make sure it is dry and prepped to ensure effective sealing.

Once paint or stain is applied to concrete, a concrete sealer is usually placed on top to lock in the colour and provide extra protection. However, sealers wear out over time. Experts recommend re-sealing coloured or stained concrete 12 months after the initial application, and then periodically, every 24 months. This will make sure your colour lasts for years to come.

Sealants protect surfaces from chemicals, harsh elements, abrasion and UV exposure by closing or decreasing its porosity.


Aside from the maintenance practices you should apply to your painted concrete walls, there are also other basic steps homeowners can take to make sure coloured concrete surfaces look great all year round.

For surfaces that have been damaged, cracked or are porous to the point where no type of paint will stick to them properly, you may want to opt for a concrete stain rather than paint. Just like wood stains, concrete stains work by seeping into the surface and changing its colour.

However, applying a concrete stain can be a little complicated, so it’s best left to professionals like us here at Pridal Services, one of the leading providers of painting services in Adelaide.

Here at Pridal Services, we have access to all of the equipment and machinery necessary to get your walls painted to perfection. We provide you with colour charts to help you find the right paint colour that complements the interior and exterior of your house. Whether you have one room or a complete property to paint, our expert house painters will get the job done for you. We also provide services like interior and exterior painting, eco-friendly painting and roof painting in Adelaide and other areas in South Australia.

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