5 Painting And Decorating Mistakes You Need To Avoid

  February 23, 2017

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Painting and decorating your home is a big task, especially when you take it on all by yourself. There are particular mistakes that many DIYers make when painting and decorating without expert help that can make a mess of your home that’s difficult to reverse. If you do want to take on the painting and decorating of your home without outside help, make sure you avoid these 5 crucial errors.

  1. Doing your painting and decorating in a hurry. Fixing up your home shouldn’t be a rushed project. It’s something that takes careful consideration, planning and time, so give yourself more than enough time to get the work done. If you’re working during the week then allocate a decent amount of weekends to work on your painting and decorating project, and take each task slowly to make sure you get each element right. You’ll only add more time on if you make mistakes by rushing things.
  2. Forgetting to get the correct amount of materials. It’s difficult to judge how many pots of paint or materials you’ll need to paint and decorate in your home, but try to get enough so that you won’t leave the job half-done. Plan in advance so that you can correctly work out exactly how much you need, and try to over-estimate rather than under-estimating to save yourself trouble later.
  3. Not covering your home up. Painting can make a big mess if you don’t cover the area up thoroughly before you begin. Use dustsheets to cover all of your furniture and floors before you start painting or you’ll risk ending up with paint splatter all over your precious possessions by the time the project is finished.
  4. Failing to properly prepare. The preparation stage before you actually begin painting and decorating your home is probably the most important of all. You’ll need to prep any area that you’re planning to paint – make sure the surface is completely smooth and use a primer to get the best possible results from your paint. If you’re planning to put new wallpaper up on your walls then you’ll need to strip the walls thoroughly of the old wallpaper, sand it down and plaster any areas that need filling in. Preparing thoroughly will ensure that your project comes out perfectly.
  5. Not asking for extra help. For many DIY enthusiasts, the process of painting and decorating can become overwhelming, particularly if you lack experience in the area. If you don’t have enough time to do it properly or aren’t sure how to tackle the task at hand, don’t be afraid to call in the experts. Here at Pridal we know how to make your home look absolutely perfect, so pick up the phone and ask for help.