5 Exciting Paint Ideas for Kids Rooms

  July 6, 2016

Want a new look for your kids room that is quick and simple but still makes an impact? Here are 5 of the best kids room painting ideas that are sure to transform a simple room into their own little world.

Chalkboard Paint

Adding a chalkboard wall to your kids room lets them express their creativity. This ensures a fun environment for your child to play in, and their drawings can simply be wiped away to start all over again.


Ombre & Color Washing

Create a subtle color effect using ombre, and incorporate paint colors to suit your child’s personality. This creates a relaxing atmosphere, but still incorporates your favourite colors.



The ultimate way to personalise your child’s bedroom by letting their imagination come to life. Perhaps by recreating their favourite book or movie, or their favourite place. The possibilities are endless, and you can be as subtle or as out there as you want to be.



A simple and effective way to make a big impact when decorating your kids room. Use to create a tree effect or to simply break the color of a feature wall. Whatever you choose, stencils are a great way of personalising your kids room.



Make your kids room truly exciting by encompassing everything the room has to offer. Use glow in the dark paint to create an exciting nighttime experience. You can also use the ceiling as an extension of murals to complete their own fantasy world.


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Written by Pridal